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Deadly Indonesian Christmas Eve tsunami: Help Barnabas Fund rebuild shattered Christian lives

28 December 2018

A high-speed tsunami crashed on to the western shores of Java and the southern shores of Sumatra, the two most populous islands of Indonesia, on Monday. Apparently caused by nearby volcanic activity, the giant wave hit without warning about 9.30 pm on 24 December.

The death toll has now reached 429, with almost 1,500 injured and over 20,000 people displaced as they fled to higher ground. Many Christians lived in the affected areas. Some have died and others have lost homes and businesses.

Tsunami strikes as Indonesia still reeling from catastrophe in Sulawesi

It is just three months since Indonesia’s third most populous island, Sulawesi, was devastated when earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction followed each other in quick succession on 28 September. More than 2,000 people died, including many Christians. Barnabas Fund is involved on the ground in Sulawesi, helping Christian victims of that disaster. Having provided food and emergency aid at the beginning, we are now funding the construction of homes and church buildings to replace those destroyed on that dreadful day.

Give now to help the Christian victims of the Christmas Eve tsunami

Join with us again to help the many Indonesian Christians affected by the Christmas Eve tsunami. Your gift to Barnabas Fund will be channelled through Indonesian Christian organisations to help Christians whose lives were shattered just as they were preparing to celebrate the birth of their Saviour.

Let them know their brothers and sisters around the world are thinking of them at this time. Please pray. Please give.

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