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Help Kachin Christians facing genocide in Myanmar (Burma)

21 September 2018

“Because I am Christian, they made me imitate Jesus on a cross like the crucifixion. We were treated like animals because they look down on Kachins.” One victim in Myanmar (Burma) described being humiliated for his faith by the Army.

The desperate plight of Kachin Christians facing brutal repression from the military in Myanmar (Burma), was highlighted in a U.N. report released this week, featuring over 800 individual testimonies from victims.

The report makes an urgent call for an international genocide tribunal to bring to account Army officials for over 40 years of cruel genocide against Rohingya Muslims, and acknowledges identical tactics of ethnic cleansing and persecution against the mainly-Christian Kachin people.

Barnabas aid through Christian partners reached homeless Kachin

Displaced Kachin people are living in basic bamboo and tarpaulin constructed accommodation in the IDP camps

10,000 Kachin Christians fled from aerial bombardment in April this year. Sky news reported other aid agencies were unable operate in the region, but Barnabas was already getting practical help to displaced Kachin people, working through our local Christian partners.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we have provided rice, dried fish, tarpaulins (for shelter), sleeping mats, medicines, underwear, kitchen supplies, and other needs for approximately 5,400 Kachin people fleeing attacks. At one camp, a kindergarten of 184 children has been provided with a generator and can study in the evening without risk of candles setting their shelter on fire.

Barnabas has provided educational materials and helped to set up class rooms so that children will not miss out on learning

Can you help these courageous believers return to a normal life?

These courageous believers have been through relentless trauma and hardship. Many displaced Christians now have basic shelter, but life in a displaced peoples camp is far from easy and now a food shortage is reported.

With your support, they can have access the basic essentials they need to return to a semblance of normal life.

One grateful Christian grandmother, who got help from Barnabas Fund, said, “I am old, but I am worried about the future of my children and grandchildren. Thank you for coming and visiting us. Thank you for bringing aid and thank you for praying for me.”

Will you be an answer to their prayers today?

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