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Help Pakistani Christians like Aasia Bibi

2 November 2018

Aasia Bibi, having languished on death row for nearly nine years, has finally been acquitted. She had faced false accusation on a charge of “blasphemy” and been found guilty. We praise God for her acquittal. Her “crime” was to drink water from a utensil that Muslim women wanted to use and to declare how the Lord Jesus Christ has brought us salvation.

Like Aasia, many Christians today in Pakistan are poor, despised and discriminated against – second class citizens in their own country, often living at the very bottom of society and always in fear of violence or false accusation which could lead to life imprisonment if not a death sentence.

“We cannot describe our joy in words,” said bonded brick-kiln labourer Saleem when Barnabas paid off his debt of £575 ($747; €655). He and his wife Saima Bibi had dreamt of an education for their daughter Sinthia – now she is doing well at school

When Aasia Bibi was arrested and her husband and children had to go into hiding, Barnabas Fund stepped in to help them with monthly food parcels.

Likewise, we feed over 1,500 other Pakistani Christian families. We provide education in Christian schools for some 10,000 Pakistani Christian children. We have freed 387 Christian families from bonded labour in brick kilns. We provide vocational training, wells and clean water, medical aid for victims of violence, legal aid for victims of injustice, Christian literature and pastor support so that the Christian community in Pakistan can be strengthened and built up.


With your help we can continue to be there for Christians like Aasia Bibi’s family and thousands of others in desperate need.

$26 could provide a food parcel for one family for one month

$1,300 could set free a family from bonded labour (typical amount, but varies from family to family)

Please give now to our Pakistan General Fund.

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