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Help rebuild the lives of homeless Christians - your gift can put a roof over their heads again after natural disasters in India and Indonesia

9 November 2018

Catastrophic floods and landslides in August left thousands homeless in the Indian state of Kerala. Countless people lost everything they owned. Aside from the houses that were completely destroyed, many of those still standing have cracked walls or collapsed roofs.

“My house is destroyed. Where do I start?” said a Christian rickshaw driver who lost everything. Many Christian flood victims like him are longing to return home. But those homes – and their contents – are gone.

Over 200,000 Indian Christians were affected by the devastating floods and landslides in Kerala

More than 200,000 Indian Christians were affected by this disaster. Many of them are Dalits, considered “untouchable” by high caste Hindus. Marginalised, despised, unwanted and at the bottom of society, Christian Dalits were poor before the floods and now they are destitute. Barnabas Fund is standing with them.

Then in Indonesia…

A deadly earthquake and tsunami struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in September, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The devastation is shocking. Homes, churches and Christian schools were destroyed and many Christians were amongst the dead. The rains are due to start in three months’ time, so those without a roof over their head before then will be in a dreadful condition.

Wilson, an Indonesian Bible School student stands in front of his home in Sulawesi, which collapsed in the earthquake, killing his father. Barnabas Fund is providing a new semi-permanent house for him and similar houses for other Christians made homeless by the earthquake and tsunami. Will you help?

Rebuilding now – will you help?

Barnabas sent emergency aid to the Christian minorities in India and Indonesia. But now our homeless brothers and sisters need help to repair their dangerously damaged homes or build new ones.

Homes for homeless Christians

Please give what you can. All donations will help, regardless of size.

Four gifts of $33 could repair a dangerously damaged house in India, making it safe for the family to return home again.

Just $320 could pay for the building materials for a semi-permanent “core home” in Indonesia, measuring 6 x 4m, with a cement floor, wooden walls and a tin roof.

Please pray for people of all faiths who have been affected by these terrible disasters. Remember especially our Christian family, asking that they will be a source of hope, peace and comfort to all.

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