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Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami – Your gift will bring urgently needed aid to Christians in Sulawesi

5 October 2018

As the world reacts to the devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi a week ago, the death toll continues to rise – now standing at over 1,500. There are at least 65,733 homes severely damaged or destroyed and 84 church buildings in the same condition. Messages continue to pour into Barnabas Aid from our project partners across Indonesia, desperate to help their brothers and sisters affected by the disaster

  • $3 could provide one blanket for a Christian family.
  • $11 could enable an emergency church kitchen to give one person two cooked meals a day for a week.
  • $28 could provide one daily visit from a water truck for a church caring for 50 earthquake victims.
  • $98 could provide five tents for a church caring for its now homeless church members.

Our partners are also concerned to help children with the trauma they have experienced. All this needs is simple resources such as books, pencils and T-shirts to bring hope and healing.

  • $50 could provide trauma healing resources for 10 children through a church-based programme

After the emergency aid, it will be necessary to rebuild lives, livelihoods, church buildings and Christian schools.

The western coast of Central Sulawesi, which was shaken by the earthquakes and then hit by the tsunami, has significant Christian populations, as does the province’s capital city, Palu, one of the worst affected areas.  According to official figures, Christians make up around 17% of the population of Central Sulawesi and some 15 % of West Sulawesi province which was also affected by the tsunami.

New born tsunami victim

Please pray for people of all faiths who have been affected by this terrible disaster.  Remember especially our Christian family, asking that they will be a source of hope, peace and comfort to all, amidst the chaos and destruction.

Your gift to Barnabas Fund will be forwarded to our Indonesian project partners to fund their aid to Christians affected by this disaster.

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