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Kachin Christians facing ethnic cleansing and genocide in their tens of thousands

6 June 2018

The past year has seen the cruel ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims of western Myanmar (Burma). It is good that the international media have repeatedly highlighted the appalling way in which these innocent people have been treated by their own government. But Christian ethnic groups in the north of the country have suffered for over 40 years with barely a glance from the world’s press.

We thank God that Western media agencies, like Sky and the BBC, are reporting this week on the latest stage of the repeating tragedy of the mainly-Christian Kachin people. It is the Burmese army who are their persecutors – burning villages, bombing from the air, forcing whole communities to flee again and again.


Many of today’s victims are survivors of earlier attacks, when children were used as human mine-sweepers, women were raped, and men were literally worked to death carrying heavy loads for the soldiers. 

Many thousands of Kachin Christians have been living for years in displaced people’s camps. Another 10,000 who fled from aerial bombardment in April are mostly sheltering in churches now. Some are missing in the jungle. All are in desperate need of food, clothes and other practical help. 

Barnabas Fund is already sending aid

Sky News has said there is no aid agency operating amongst the Kachin. But Barnabas Fund, working through our local Christian partners in Myanmar, is already helping the homeless Kachin people.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we have provided rice, dried fish, tarpaulins (for shelter), sleeping mats, sheets, blankets, towels, clothes, underwear, sitting mats and other needs for approximately 1,720 Kachin people who fled the April bombardment. 

Much more is needed for faithful and courageous believers

But there are thousands more in urgent need. Walking through the valley of the shadow of death, they have no safe place to go to escape the violence. They have lost everything but their faith.

Some of the aid from Barnabas Fund that was distributed to displaced Kachin Christians last month

Barnabas has been helping Kachin Christians for years, even providing Bibles for those in displaced people’s camps. We have been privileged to stand by these courageous Christians, who have clung to the Lord Jesus, despite prolonged and murderous persecution.

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