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Kachin Christians faithful to the Lord, under heavy bombardment by Myanmar military: they urgently need food and medicine – please help

11 May 2018

“I told my family to leave me alone in my home because I cannot walk. But my grandson insisted on carrying me,” said a frail and elderly Kachin Christian. Grandmother and grandson were escaping from an attack on their village by the Myanmar (Burmese) army. The heavy airstrikes began very suddenly on 11 April, and 10,000 Kachin civilians, taken by surprise and completely unprepared, fled in panic from their villages and camps for displaced people. “I have been a refugee three or four times in my life, but this is the worst it has ever been,” said the grandmother.

Carried to safety by her grandson, but unable to take anything else with them. Kachin Christians, displaced yet again by the Myanmar army’s attack, need food and medicines urgently. Please help

In the churches, in the jungle…

The majority have now found shelter in church buildings. But some 1,800 Kachin people are still stranded in the jungle, running out of food, water and medicine; amongst them are elderly, babies and several heavily pregnant women. Many people were injured as they fled. Food and medical supplies are desperately needed for all. 

Keeping the faith through decades of persecution

The Kachins are one of the mainly Christian people groups who have been targeted for decades by the Myanmar authorities. Praise God for their courage and perseverance, as they maintain their faith in the midst of repeated violent attacks.  


Having fled aerial bombardment, 1,800 Kachin Christians are trapped in the jungle. Babies and elderly alike sleep in the open on the bare ground


The first wave of airstrikes has now finished, but Kachin leaders believe the military are planning another offensive against them and the Kachins expect to be attacked again soon. Pray that they will have hope, joy and peace in the Lord as they face this prospect.

Although the displaced Kachin believers are strong spiritually, they are in desperate physical need. Please give now to provide food, medical care and other urgent needs.

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