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Strengthen Believers and their Ministry in Yemen, the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

19 October 2018

War-torn, wracked by famine and disease, Yemen is enduring what the United Nations predicted this week will soon become the “worst famine in the world in a hundred years” if the fighting continues. Believers in Yemen are bringing practical help. Will you strengthen them in this ministry?

As many as 13 million civilians could die from starvation said Lise Grande, the UN’s coordinator for Yemen, if the Saudi-led coalition continues the bombardment of Yemen which it began in March 2015. An official declaration of famine is likely to be announced in a few weeks’ time. 

Barnabas is providing food parcels

Nearly 19 million people (that is, two-thirds of the population) need aid and more than seven million do not know where their next meal is coming from. Over 10,000 have been killed in the fighting and three million are internally displaced.   

Believers giving food, water and medicines

In the midst of this catastrophe and conflict, Christians are present with the love of Christ, providing food, water and medicines.

Barnabas is providing essentials including food and medicines. A Christian boy with donkey transporting Barnabas Fund food parcels

Your gift can strengthen our brothers and sisters and their ministry of love and compassion. Will you play your part? Please give now.

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