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This Thanksgiving will you feed a hungry Christian family from South Sudan?

20 November 2018

As we look forward to celebrating and eating with our families for Thanksgiving, vulnerable Christian refugees who fled famine and conflict in South Sudan are going hungry.

“The food given to me today will help me to see my grandchildren for the next 30 days. For the last three months, we have been depending on water and some little greens collected from the wild bushes. I was waiting to die … I can only say Alleluia because the Lord Almighty has done this for me and my family.” Elizabeth, a grandmother of 87, expressed her joy on receiving food from Barnabas.


It was a simple gift of flour, beans, cooking oil, rice and salt. But what a difference it made!

Elizabeth had waited in vain for three months for aid to arrive from other agencies.

James, a blind Christian from South Sudan, was overwhelmed when he received his Barnabas food parcel, “I was waiting for my day to die because of hunger. Thanks to God, I can now live for more days. May the God of mercy bless whoever has come to my rescue!!!”

James (right) a blind Christian from South Sudan was among 100 of the most vulnerable refugees in Camp Rhino that Barnabas was able to help last month. But many more urgently need life-saving food aid

Elizabeth and James are now living in Camp Rhino, Uganda, where food aid from Barnabas has saved countless lives.

As we thank the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness this Thanksgiving, there are many other vulnerable Christian refugees in Camp Rhino who need your help – the elderly, disabled, blind, deaf and orphaned children looking after younger siblings.

This Thanksgiving season, can you help us make sure even the least of His people have enough to eat?

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