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A legacy of love for generations

A legacy of love for generations to come

You can bring restoration to believers who have suffered violence; save Christian brothers and sisters facing starvation; encourage embattled Christian communities; train up young children in their faith; and bring transformation to the lives of impoverished believers. As co-workers with God, we are invited to join with Him to accomplish His purposes – to partner with Heaven’s invasion of earth to bring physical, as well as spiritual salvation. You can do this through leaving a legacy to Barnabas Fund.  
After your pilgrimage on this earth has ended, your legacy can live on for generations – a witness to Christ’s love and an honouring affirmation of the connection of the Body of believers to one another. Your gift can save future generations from poverty and hardship, inspire them to hold firm to the faith in the midst of trial, and know the hope that springs from the encouragement that they do not suffer alone and unknown. 

Once your loved ones have been taken care of, what will be your legacy?

Your gift will go a long way to bless other believers. Barnabas Fund’s unique role as a channel of hope and aid from Christians, through Christians, to Christians means that your legacy will be used for the greatest impact. Barnabas Fund works through local Christian partners around the world to meet the needs of believers directly and cost-effectively.

A legacy of faith for the future

By leaving a gift in your will, you will help us reach out to forsaken Christians in desperate need, in some of the most dangerous places, where because of their faith they are the targets of violence and persecution. Your gift will also bring hope to impoverished believers – who are trapped in vicious cycles of discrimination that condemn them and their children to lives of misery – through schooling, adult literacy classes and debt relief. Because of your loving legacy, year after year, your Christian brothers and sisters can have hope and faith for the future.


If you would like more information about how to leave a gift to Barnabas Fund through your will, please contact:
usa@barnabasaid.org or phone (703) 288-1681 or write to: 80 Abbeyville Road, Lancaster, PA 17603​