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In Philippians chapter 1, Paul calls Christians to partner with him in his ministry. There are various ways in which you can partner with Barnabas Aid in our ministry to our persecuted brothers and sisters. Through the prayers and generosity of our supporters, and with God’s help, Barnabas has been able to transform the lives of Christians suffering for their faith in over 90 different countries.

These projects include the provision of food and basic needs, medical care, Christian schools, disaster relief, leadership training, support for pastors and evangelists, Bibles and Christian literature, Bibles and Christian literature, small business start-ups for self-sufficiency, and help for converts and victims of violence. We want to help as much as possible – but we can’t do it alone. We need your help!

If you share our passion for serving persecuted Christians and have the time and desire to help others understand their plight, then we invite you to apply to become a voluntary Partner. This will involve taking on one or more of the following roles – Prayer Partner, Church Partner, Area Partner, Speaker. Each of these are explained in greater detail below.