Nourish the Hungry This New Year in Swaziland

December 31, 2020

“Just food.”
“I need food, but not much else.” 
“I need food really, nothing else.”

Nourishing ePap porridge, containing protein, vitamins and minerals, quickly restores health to malnourished children

When our project partners in Swaziland ask people what they need, these are the answers they get. 

But it was not like this a year ago. At the end of 2019, basic food was affordably priced. There was no serious hunger, for our project partners cared for orphans and other very needy people in this small kingdom in southern Africa, officially called Eswatini.

Then came Covid-19 and lockdown. Shopkeepers in rural areas raised their prices, knowing that people were prohibited from traveling to towns to purchase food. Almost overnight, many families became unable to buy even the most basic foodstuffs.

Kwashiorkor symptoms, such as a swollen belly and thinning/discolored hair, began to appear amongst children and even adults, although the disease had been unknown in Swaziland for many years.

Lives Saved But Nutrients Needed

With the generous help of our supporters, Barnabas Aid saved the lives of many Covid-affected Christians in Swaziland earlier this year by providing ground maize (locally called mielie meal).

Great was their thankfulness. One elderly lady, who had eaten nothing for the three previous days, wept as she received the food, saying she wished she could speak English so that she could directly communicate her gratitude. She promised to pray for God to bless all who had made the gift possible.

Will you help us now to provide nourishing ePap porridge in Swaziland? Made from maize and soya beans, with added vitamins and minerals, it brings health to malnourished children and adults in a matter of weeks. It is made by simply adding water to the pre-cooked powder.

Help desperate Christian parents in Swaziland feed their hungry children

A New Year’s Gift of Food and Health

Thousands of people in Swaziland have just one desire, say our project partners: “Going to bed tonight, knowing that there will be food tomorrow with which they can feed their children.”

As we enter 2021, in a world full of uncertainty, will you give the desperate children of Swaziland a gift of ePap?

From age 7 upward, the daily amount of ePap needed is less than 2 ounces (dry weight), costing only 18 cents. Infants age 1 to 6 need half that ration.

Just $36 will provide 22 pounds of ePap to nourish three children or adults for two months.

Please give.