Murder Case Opens After Pakistani Christian Factory Worker Dies Following Abuse by Co-Workers

July 5, 2021

A Christian factory worker in Pakistan died after being allegedly abused physically by two co-workers. A murder investigation is ongoing.

Shahzad Masih, 36, was confronted by Muhammad Abdullah and Muhammad Fizan on June 18 at GM Bora factory, Faisalabad. Lawyers acting on behalf of Shahzad’s family claim that the pair subjected him to a violent, indecent assault, causing severe internal injuries, including damage to his lungs and liver. Despite an immediate colostomy procedure, Shahzad was unable to recover and died on 20 June.

The trial for the murder of Shahzad Masih is being conducted at the sessions court in Faisalabad. [Image credit:]

Christian lawyers representing the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS) filed a murder case against the alleged perpetrators as well as the factory manager, Asad Mahmood.

Shahzad had started working at the factory earlier that month and had been staying in factory quarters with Muhammad Abdullah and Muhammad Fizan when he was assaulted.

Shahzad’s mother and brother visited him in a hospital. Before dying, Shahzad was able to testify against the two co-workers, and stated that Asad Mahmood was also involved in the incident.

Muhammad Abdullah and Muhammad Fizan were arrested by the police. Asad Mahmood was granted pre-arrest bail.

The CLAAS team also met the accused in custody.  They confessed to indecent assault but contested a further charge of committing sodomy against Shahzad.

The trial was adjourned.

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