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any Christians have to flee from persecution or anti-Christian violence, sometimes escaping with nothing but their lives.

Boko Haram attacks have caused hundreds of thousands of Christians take refuge in IDP (internally displaced people) camps in Nigeria. In Far North Cameroon, thousands of Christians are being displaced from rural villages by ongoing, ruthless Boko Haram attacks. Many have fled to save their lives, leaving behind their livelihoods and all their possessions.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi Christians have fled from genocidal violence at the hands of Islamic State and other Islamist militant groups. They cannot return home because of hostility from their neighbours and they dare not live in normal refugee or IDP camps for fear of further persecution by Muslims living in the camps. In Myanmar, mainly Christian villages are often attacked by the army and all the inhabitants must flee or be killed.

Distraught Gabriel, a Christian from Burkina Faso, was separated from his wife and young children when they all fled from a Boko Haram attack on their village. When he eventually found them, a week later, Barnabas was providing for their practical needs. “You gave us clothes, shelter and food,” said Gabriel, with tears in his eyes. “Christians we don’t know are sending us help. This is strengthening our faith and giving us the sense of the real body of Christ. Wherever they are, may the Lord bless them and rescue them in difficult times as they did for us.”

Western governments and the UN generally refuse to recognise the particular suffering of Christians or to grant them asylum on that basis.

Barnabas’ Refugees Fund gives practical help to thousands of Christian IDPs and refugees.


Lift up in prayer all Christian refugees and those displaced within their own country. Pray that God will be their refuge and a strong tower (Psalm 61:3). Ask Him to watch over all dispossessed Christians, that they will know His comfort and peace and be assured by Him of their heavenly homeland, where the Lord has prepared a city for them (Hebrews 11:16).