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“I am praising God because of his goodness to my family,” said Kakoli’s father. Kakoli is a student at one of five Barnabas-funded Christian schools in Bangladesh. These schools are not only transforming the lives of needy Christian children but are touching other lives too. Remarkably, some of the children are teaching their parents to read and write.

Children from Christian families often cannot go to school at all. Their parents are so poor, because of discrimination, that paying the fees is impossible. When Christian children can attend school, they may be in a small minority in the classroom, where they often experience harassment, pressure to change their faith or even violence. Some are failed in their exams because they are Christians. Barnabas Aid’s support enables impoverished Christian students in ten countries to learn in a loving Christian environment. Here they can both improve their prospects and grow up to be strong men and women of God.

Barnabas Aid’s School-place Sponsorship programme funds places at Christian schools for needy Christian children. The average cost is £18 per child per month.


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