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A ministry in Lahore, Pakistan, supported by Barnabas Fund is empowering impoverished Christian women through health awareness seminars. Many of the women do not know even the basics of hygiene and sickness prevention, but through the presentations they can learn about common illnesses and how to avoid them. This knowledge helps them to care better for their families. The ministry also organises doctor’s visits to provide the women with free consultations and prescriptions.

Many Christians who struggle to survive because of poverty, oppression or violence cannot afford to see a doctor, buy medicine or have surgery when required, or even to get simple health advice. Barnabas helps to provide affordable medical care for them, both by paying medical expenses and by sponsoring clinics and hospitals that offer their services free or at low cost.

Our recent medical projects include a church-based healthcare programme and mobile clinic in South Sudan and surgery for Christians in Syria, where medical care has been badly disrupted by the civil war.


Medical Care Projects: